Prevention of Juvenile Diabetes

What is Juvenile Diabetes| Can You Prevent this type of diabetes?

Juvenile Diabetes is another name for type 1 diabetes because the condition begins during childhood. It is an auto-immune disorder like other chronic diseases like multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis. When any of these children are diagnosed as having juvenile diabetes, they are insulin dependent and needs to have daily injections of this hormone just to be able to survive. If you don’t know, insulin is the hormone that our body needs to convert the food that we take into energy so that we can live normally.

Cause of Juvenile Diabetes

Medical researches have concluded that people who have poor diets are likely to get type 1 diabetes especially if they have a family history of others who suffer from this condition. Other medical experts think the environment has a hand to the cause of diabetes too, often triggered by some virus that somehow makes the immune system destroy the cells that produce insulin.

Preventing Juvenile Diabetes by Reducing Stress

Stress has long been known to be a serious contributing factor to many chronic diseases including heart disease, cholesterol, kidneys problems and now diabetes. In most cases, this stress is always work related and to prevent the onset of all types of diabetes including Juvenile Diabetes, you really need to manage your stress level besides looking at your diet and exercise plan. When you do this, ultimately you also help yourself stay clear of other chronic diseases like high blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease.

Here are some quick tips on how to manage your stress level well at work:

  • Take frequent breaks by leaving your workstation to ensure you have some physical activity. Even going to the cooler to get water will help.
  • Reduce your intake of caffeinated coffee and take water instead
  • Do not bring back work home if possible
  • Learn some simple deep breathing exercises and other relaxation techniques that help to relieve stress
  • You could also talk to your manager in your company and work together to get better work life balance and to make your job a little less stressful. You may be pleasantly surprised that your boss may be able to take some actions on this matter.

Preventing Diabetes Type 2 by Knowing Some Warning Signs

Heredity seems to be the most obvious warming signs. If you have any family members who suffer from type 2 diabetes you run and increased risk in being diagnosed with diabetes type 2 illness. The best thing to do is to go for a screening test for diabetes type 2.

Green Tea Helps Prevent Diabetes

For many years doctors have tested in many medical researches and found that green tea helps to prevent the onset of many chronic diseases and many types of diabetes.It is also very cheap and therefore offers a very good alternative to the more expensive medications to treat it in conventional treatments.

Tea and red wine have long been known to provide natural anti-oxidants and this helps to slow down glucose movement down to your small intestines and then to your bloodstream. This ultimately helps to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.

Medically it can be explain in this way. The polyphenols in green tea have been found to be extremely good inhibitors of amylase, an enzyme in our saliva. Drinking a cup of green can help inhibit about 87% of the activity of amylase. So because of less sugars moving into your bloodstream, your blood sugar levels will obviously be much lower and this prevents diabetes.

Taking Dietary supplements like antioxidants To Prevent Diabetes

Studies have shown that taking dietary supplements that contain antioxidants like vitamins C and E may help to improve your metabolism to provide you more energy and avoid getting high blood sugar. It helps in the prevention of diabetes and long term medical complications of the disease including kidney diseases, blindness and nerves degeneration. In short it tries to repair some of the damages caused by diabetes mellitus.

Why Watching Your Weight Can Help To Prevent Diabetes

If you are a Juvenile diabetic or and adult diabetic and obese, then there is no question about this – you have to lose weight and start monitoring your body weight very closely. You should start on a diabetes diet and may need lifestyle intervention for extreme cases. When you finally stop being a fat, overweight diabetic by exercising regularly following a diabetes nutrition plan, you can then reduce your insulin resistance.

Watch Your Diet and Help Prevent Diabetes

  • Avoid processed carbohydrates as much as possible
  • Eat 5 or 6 small meals in each day
  • Stick to a very high protein breakfast
  • Don’t take carbohydrates just before your bedtime
  • Avoid eating white flour or wheat flour because of the glycemic effects
  • Learn about fasting at least once a week.
  • Avoid too much Drink a whole